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Welcome to the Research Institute for Korean Christian Thought.
The Korean Christian Thought Institute was established in 1991 to promote
the internal maturation of the Korean Church through inculturation,
according to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council which emphasizes
the importance of inculturation of regional churches.
As well known, although Korean Christian Church attained the
representative level on external growth among the Asian churches, it is
criticized for it's lack of internal maturation, both in and out of the church.

Facing this situation, we aim to conduct a systematic study on the
universality of the Christian truth founded by Jesus Christ, to uncover the
truth encompassed in the traditional ideologies and religions of Korea and
to attempt to establish and develop a Korean- Christian Thought which is
not only unique and but universal. We invite all Christians who wish to
answer to the calling of our era, the integration of faith and actual life, and
who wish to contribute to perform the task of maturation of the Korean
Church by which it may serve as the genuine guiding light and salt of the
World and play an decisive role in the vitalization of the World Church.