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Korean Christian Thought Institute( Research Institute for Korean Christian Thought) was founded for promoting the inculturation of theology and faith. For this purpose we have four projects:

1. Academic Conference
Beginning from 1992 until the present, we hold the academic conferences on the issue of inculturation two times a year.

2. School for Inculturation of Theology
Following the teaching of the Second Vatican Council which emphasized the importance of inculturation of Gospel in those non-Western regional churches, we aim to establish the Graduate School for Inculturation of Theology. As the first step of it, we provide lectures about the theoretical bases for inculturation to enhance understanding of the necessity and method for inculturation, about the tradition and history of Christianity in which the Gospel was expressed in the language of culture whenever it encounter a new culture and crisis and about the history of effort of Asian Churches and theologians regarding inculturation during these 30 years.

3. Forums
Periodical Forums are held two times a year to deepen our understanding the context of Korea for doing theology. These begins with a presentation of the research concerning the specific themes related to the inculturation and followed by discussion. Those themes of the past were the theology of unification of Korea, the ministration to youth, spirituality of martyrdom, feminist theology, and on the 400th anniversary of the publication of Chunju-Seelui(天主實義) by Matteo Ricci.

4. Research Society for inculturation of youth

Based on the analysis of the situation and problems of the present youth ministry of the Korean Church, this group aims to search for the alternatives and the direction for youth ministry which are not only future-oriented but also inculturated.

5. Publication and Translation
In order to contribute to the internal maturation of Korean Church, the KCTI published the Korean Christian Thought which edited those articles presented on the Academic Conference and other research works regarding inculturation of theology and faith.